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How can I contribute to ST-I?

I'm always happy to let people contribute to their favorite web page.

If you think information is wrong:    Please tell me, it very well could be, but please include a source, I've tried to make everything accurate as possible and I don't normally respond to random e-mails with random data. Also cannon sources are always preferred. That being said there's always a lot of information that just doesn't exist out there. So I'm happy to take suggestions, just try to include an argument of why it is correct, such as ship dimensions compared to other starships.

If you want to write something for ST-I:    Such as tech reports, please try to make it grammatically correct and interesting as possible. If I really like what you've done I may use it though all submissions are subject to review, and again, include sources. All submissions become part of ST-Iís copyright.

Graphics:    As you may have noticed not every ship has an image for it. This is just because I haven't found one yet. If you have a good source please show me. For ship images on the main page, I insist on having a high quality beauty shot, for other ship and technology images a high quality screen capture will do. I do not accept e-mail attachments so please send a web page address.

With ST-I v3.1 all web pages will include a user submission form to allow users to easily submit content to ST-I. All you need to do is fill out the form and press the submit button. If a web page has not been converted, please use the form on the main page. You can also send ST-I an e-mail with your submission or suggestion. Please tag the subject with STI:, as I receive a lot of junk mail, this will ensure your e-mail is seen.

ST-I hasn't been updated for a while what's wrong?

Very sorry, I'm unable to spend every waking moment updating the web page, in fact I don't get as much time to dedicate to ST-I as I would like. Also, I get side tracked easily and forget to update the web page regularly. So please bear with me, it will be updated sooner or later, if you would really like to see something now please feel free to e-mail me with your requests.

The font size and color makes the web page hard to read.

I've been debating the size and color of ST-I's text. I'm personally able to read everything on the web site, but I realize eveyone one else is not the same as me. I would like some feedback on this subject if you have an issue with the text.

What technology does ST-I use and what do I need?

ST-I uses a strange combination of PHP, MYSQL, XML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I am currently trying to eliminate JavaScript from my web page as I do not believe in client side scripting, but for now it must be enabled.

ST-I only guarantees the web site will work with IE7, Firefox 2.0, and Opera9, Safari3, older browsers such as IE6 may also be compatible, though they will not explicitly be supported. If you are not using one of the latest browsers, you should consider upgrading if only to protect yourself online.

Who runs ST-I?

Call me Defiant, after my favorite ship. For those of you that are interested my real name is Brandon living in the Chicago suburbs, and have been watching Star Trek since the reruns of the original series. To contact me please e-mail me at