There are times when a starship maybe required to land on the surface of a planet, and return to oribit. Such situations include emergency landings, inoperable transporter systems, and extended repairs when space dock is not available. Currently only smaller Federation starships, such as the Intrepid and Defiant classes, are equipped with landing systems.

After entering the planet ’s atmosphere the ship will extend landing struts from the bottom of the secondary hull that are capable of supporting the entire weight of the starship. When a landing site is selected the starship comes to zero forward velocity and descends vertically. The final decent is slowed by the ships n avigation thruster, such that it comes to a soft landing on the surface.

Landing a starship is not a recommended procedure as stresses can be extreme and unpredictable on a starship when entering the atmosphere. Use of transporters or shuttlecraft are the preferred method to reach a planet’s surf ace.
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