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Starfleet Intelligence Central Records Archive

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As requested, selected starship and technology intelligence reports transferred from the Central Records Archive located at Starfleet Intelligence headquarters. Per regulations all information in this document is considered classified and is not to be shared with individuals without prior clearance.

You may now use this PADD to review intelligence information obtained from the major powers of the galaxy translated into standard Federation English for your convenience. To review, click the button at the top of your PADD. Further database structure and usage information can be found in the database guide.

Please select the starship intelligence report of your choice. It should be noted that because of the nature of intelligence gathering, only a limited amount of information may have been obtained due to an increase in security or the reassignment or untimely death of one or more undercover agents. However Star Fleet Intelligence is committed to gather the most complete intelligence possible, no matter the cost.

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Heavy Cruiser
603 meters
908 meters
95 meters

Cruising Speed:
Max Speed:

Warp 6
Warp 9.9
Notes: The Romulan Valdore type, class unknown, was first seen in 2378 during the Reman incident. These ships are smaller, more maneuverable, and faster then the D'deridex class with similar fire power and defensive capabilities. It is assumed that these ships incorporated improvements from lessons learned from the Dominion War and represent the future of Romulan starship design.
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Bio-neural gel packs are the latest advance in Starfleet computer systems. Starfleet has deployed them on the newest classes of starships such as the Intrepid class. The gel packs consist of a traditional isolinear interface and a package of gel containing artificial fibers that resemble human neurons. These fibers are capable of forming billions of inter-connections, which has the effect of creating a complex computer architecture.

The gel packs are designed to use fuzzy logic, or best guess algorithms, when processing data making them very similar to how living organisms operate. Calculations that traditional isolinear chips are incapable of solving are easily guessed by the gel packs. The primary function of the gel packs on board a starship is to perform optimal fuel and warp calculations. The gel packs are also able to form sentient holograms because of their resemblance to artificial neural system.

Since the gel packs are made of organic material, they can become infected with viruses and bacteria, but are treatable by standard human medical procedures.