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The following is a personal note from your editor about ST-I

What is Star Trek Intelligence?

Star Trek Intelligence is a collection of information about starships and technology from the Star Trek television series and movies combined into one easy to use database format. It has always been my hope that ST-I will be considered the best source for trek information on the web.

Where does STI's information come from?

Most of ST-I's information comes directly from the TV series and movies; information has also been compiled from the cannon books such as the encyclopedia and the tech manuals. It is ST-Iís policy to only include cannon sources, which I consider TV, movies, encyclopedia, and tech manuals, plus a few others; I know many of you may disagree with that policy or cannon selection but a choice needed to be made. That being said, using only cannon sources would make a web page with very little information. Where no information is available I've tried to include reasonable estimates or speculation to enrich the database. All textual descriptions are also considered non-canon and created solely by ST-I.

How is ST-Iís database presented?

You will find information in several general sections in ST-Iís ship database pages. On the top of each shipís page you will find a beauty shot of the ship with some quick facts about the armaments, defenses, and number of known ships of the class. Below follows an in-depth list of ship statistics and description of the ship. To the left you will find a slide out information panel with ship names, history, and additional information about the ship. Here you will also find addition ship images. All information is color coded in the database according to what I consider cannon information.

Information on a ship or technology is wrong or missing.

Missing ship pages:    I do not include non-cannon starships that have been created by fans, please see the previous question for sources. I will always add cannon ships or technology if I have missed them.

Missing information:    I've tried to compile the best information available, but in many cases there is just not enough information out there to include a reasonable estimate or even speculation.

Wrong information:    I'm not perfect, and there could be many things that are wrong in the database, I'm always open to suggestions on what to fix.

If you have information to contribute, please read on to find out how.

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